Barkly Basics - Dish Stick

Barkly Basics - Dish Stick

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Washing the dishes with our Dish Stick without getting your hands wet is ideal for all the would-be hand models out there!

It is designed for heavy daily dish washing and is suitable for the removal of food from dishes, pots and pans, whilst protecting your hands. Can also be used in the bathroom.

• Heavy duty scourer head for easy removal of food and debris on pots, pans and dishes

• Replaceable head (see Dish Stick Refill Heads & Brush Heads)

• Suitable to use in bathroom to clean tiles and grout (try the Brush Head)

• Detergent dispensing body

• Silicone liquid pump button

• Screw lid for easy filling of Dish Wash

• Scourer Head is heavy duty and not suitable for fine china 

1 Piece/unit

Note: Do not over-fill dish stick with dish wash liquid.

Product size: 22cm Length  x 5.5cm width of head

Designed in Australia. Made in PRC.

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